The Little Mermaid "Transition" Magick Spell Cord

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The classic tale of The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson is far from the popular version that Disney made famous. In the original tale, the little mermaid, of course falls in love with the prince… “and he loved her as he would love a little child, but it never came into his head to make her his wife.” In the end, she suffers great heartache which leads her to transition and then happiness. It is story that reminds us that even when things do not go according to plan, that even when we seem to hit bottom, there is always another chance of happiness waiting around the corner.

This spell cord was created to aid in times of transition and change. It will help the owner to find clarity and healing in the situation, come whatever may. It will help you to embrace change so that you can find your happy place, which can sometimes be, perception and faith.

What is a Witch’s Ladder or Magick Spell Cord?

A Witch’s Ladder or Magick Spell Cord is a spell that is infused into a cord by using knots, braids and charms for symbolic meaning for the intent of said spell. Materials and number of knots depend on the magick cords intention. Herbs, stones and the like, are often also used to increase the cords power and enhance the beauty. The first documented cord was found in the 1800’s in England.

This is my version of the Witch’s Ladder or what I like to call Magick Spell Cord. Each one is unique and no two are ever exactly alike. I hand craft and charge each one. They are designed to hang in your home, office or bedroom to attract or enhance the cord’s specific intention.

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