Snow Fairy Tale Inspired Poppet for Abuse and/or Bullying

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This Fairy Tale Inspired Poppet comes close to my heart. She was created to aid someone in need of relief in an abusive relationship or situation, or for someone being bullied. Crystals, herbs, misc all charged with this intent, charged during the most appropriate hour, day, and moon phase but that is not all. Each poppet is worked with for at least a week. They have Reiki infused as well.

This poppet will not take the place of good action, calling the police when needed or moving to safety but it will help ease those decisions if needed, it will aid to protect the person in the situation.

This poppet is hand created. It is adorable and children will be drawn to her but she is not a toy. 

This poppet is just under 7" tall

This poppet is hand created and may have slight variations such as different charms and lace or trim.