Scrying Mirror #1

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Scrying mirrors are a wonderful way of practicing mediation, vision work, divination, and more! Divination with a mirror or another reflective surface is an ancient practice known as scrying. The term originates from the word ‘descry’, meaning ‘to catch sight of’.

Scrying mirrors are blackened mirrors for when you have meditated, focused your gaze, and connected with your intuition strongly enough that you begin to "see" insight. The mirror may help you see a certain situation, may give you hidden messages, symbols, faces, to give you the psychic knowledge you need and are seeking. It's similar to tarot readings - the outcome gives you insight.
You may set this mirror on your altar, desk, nightstand, shelf, etc. Suggesting that you do keep it covered when not in use with a cloth or cloth bag, to protect it from any unwanted energies. The mirror can be propped up or hung. 

frame size: 10" x 8 1/2"

mirror size: approx. 6" x 4" 

Guest artist: Cabot High Priestess Jeff Howell