Rapunzel Fairy Tale Inspired Poppet for Happiness, Depression, Well Being, Freedom

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Here comes Rapunzel. A Fairy Tale Inspired Poppet to aid those who are feeling trapped, bond, depressed, etc, 

This poppet contains herbs and crystals to aid in the intention and charged upon the correct day and moon phase. 

Rhodochrosite is the crystal within the head of this poppet. Rhodachrosite is good for:

  • emotional release
  • mental stress
  • self-worth
  • denial
  • instilling positive attitude
  • overcoming self-blame
  • heals sexual abuse

The herb mixture is for

  • happiness
  • depression
  • self love
  • self confidence

As adorable as these Fairy Tale Poppets are, they are not designed for young children unless kept well out of reach. 

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