Pinocchio Spotting a Lie/Knowing the Truth Magickal Art Spell Cord

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"Le avventure di Pinocchio" was written by Carlo Collodi, an Italian author who had experience translating French fairy tales into his native language. It is credited that Collodi found great inspiration for his tale(s) from the the Grimm's collection of fairy tales. 

Though, Collodi's writings do differ in extreme from the Disney version that we have grown to love, the underlining moral is that when Pinocchio lies, bad things happen. It is very much a tale of karma. 

This Magickal Spell Cord has been created with some of that very energy from the original tale. The intention of this particular cord is to aid the owner in spotting a lie and knowing when the truth is being told. Subtle signs will be felt the more you work with this cord. (working entails honoring it, admiring it, visiting it, listening to it, just being in the moment quietly, just like any other magickal tool)

This cord is best placed on a west or north wall. Simply hang and read out loud the take to activate it you, the owner.

As adorable as this item is, it is not intended for children unless out of reach

Each cord is hand created and no two will ever be exactly alike. This cord has been charged on the most appropriate day and moon phase for its intention.