Monthly Tarot Subscription

Monthly Tarot Subscription

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Have you ever had a quick question and thought to yourself, "I wish I just knew someone who could pull a Tarot card and give me insight or guidance? One pressing question does not always mean that you need a whole Tarot Reading and so here is the answer for you. 

Here are the details:

  • This is a monthly subscription
  • Cost: only $10 a month
  • One question per 24 hour period, up to question per month

What you receive:

  • At any point within the month, you need a question answered, email it to me and I will pull a card and respond with an answer for you. Answer will provide insight or guidance with the situation at hand. Must be one question, not a "reading" topic. For instance, "There have been a lot of changes at work lately, are they getting rid of me?," "I had a date last night with X, will he contact me again?" Questions that require a full reading are not accepted.
  • You may ask up to 3 questions per 30 day period. 
You must cancel 72 hours before next billing cycle