Mermaid Tarot Wrap

Mermaid Tarot Wrap

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Protect your cards with this clever Tarot covering which doubles as a cloth layout for your reading. Perfect for the traveling reader, simple to use every day and pretty enough to show off. This Tarot wrap quickly will become your favorite storage for your cards. 

 🔮 Measures approximately 18.25" x 13.5” when unwrapped. This is a great size for a variety of different sized decks. The ribbon wraps tightly around the folded wrap and tightens to hold your cards. 

 🔮 Photos are as true to color as possible. However, colors may vary slightly on your screen depending on monitor being used for viewing.

 🔮 Tarot deck used in photo is for scale and reference purposes. It is NOT included in the purchase of this wrap.

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