Maleficent Fierce Protection Poppet

Maleficent Fierce Protection Poppet

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Maleficent is a guardian of fierce protection. In my Fairy Tale Magick, she is the Goddess Morrigan. This poppet is especially useful to aid in situations of abuse, battering or bullying. Not only will she protect you, she will keep a watchful eye to make sure anyone who harms the owner will get their just reward, after all, we are talking about villain energy, now aren't we?

Charged under the most appropriate day and moon phase. This poppet contains a special blend of herbs, crystals and such to aid in the intention. 

These poppets are adorable but not designed for children unless tucked safely out of reach. 

Consecrated with Laurie Cabot's Black Feather Potion  

Each poppet is hand created so no two will ever be exactly the same. The poppet you receive may have slight variations. 

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