Love of my Life Treasure Box

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"Love of my Life" Treasure Box has been specially created to bring love into one's life. 

First, you will receive a special candle enhanced to bring a romantic love. This candle has been charged upon the Friday, (the day of Aphrodite) closest to the Full Moon. A love mixture of yarrow, lavender and rose blended within the soy, reddish-pink wax while lavender and rose essential oils give way to a slight aroma. This candle has two wicks for ample burning. 

Please place candle on a heat proof surface and burn while attending. Candle is approximately 3.5"  

Second, you will receive a Moon (ornament) Adornment that was created with clay and Full Moon Water infused in the intention to bring or keep Love to the person who owns it. Each Adornment has been charged under the most appropriate time for this working. Each moon has a Rose Quartz chip as its third eye.

Hang upon a west wall for optimal results.  3" diameter Each Moon is different with decoration and will be randomly selected

Third, you will receive a 2 dram bottle of my very own Love Potion. Wear this on your wrists, back of neck and third eye to bring love into your life. 

Each kit arrives in a special box, perfect for gift giving.