Little Red Riding Hood "Strength and Courage Through Trying Times" Spell Cord

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Little Red Riding Hood is a tale of bravery, where a little girl ventures into the woods to bring her sick grandmother some goodies. She is naive and trusts a wolf who later eats her and her grandmother but then is recused (at least in the 1812 Grimm's version) by a huntsman. Even though Red has had a traumatic experience, she still continues to visit her grandmother in the deep woods after. She is courageous and has strength even when times seem bleak. 

In this spell cord, I have taken elements from the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood charged and prepared each one under a specific hour, planet, day of the week, and/or moon phrase. I have taken my expertise in the craft to create a cord that will aid the owner in gaining strength and courage through trying times. 

Here lies some of the magick:

- Three cards hand created especially for this "Red Riding Hood" Cord. One card includes an extended  ending that is not usually included in most repeated versions of the story.

- A bottle to aid in protection, to give strength and courage. This bottle has authentic wolf hair and an old nail to protect, a clear quatrz crystal to ampify their magick.  

-Three felt mojo bags filled with a magickal herb mixture created especially for strength and courage.

Herbs include but not limited to:

Rose (pink rosebud and red petals)-Aids in Protection

Patchouli-To aid in Protection and Strength

Borage-For Courage

Willow Bark-Aids in Protection and Healing

My own specail protection potion id added to mixture.

Red Cord was selected for the planet Mars to bring forth courage.

This cord measures approximately 41” long 

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