Hocus Pocus Poppets: Set of three or individual

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Hocus Pocus has become a tradition with the turn of the seasons and now they are making an appearance at the Poisoned Apple Shop for a LIMITED EDITION. When these poppets are gone they are gone... until next year but each year will have a variation. 

Meet Winnifred a.k.a. Winnie

Winnie is a natural leader. Fairly good with communication and extra fun, this witch will amplify your magick and intentions. 

Meet Mary

Mary is an odd ball with good intentions. You can count on her to aid with substitutions when needed. She also helps when you need that extra creative piece in your workings.

Meet Sarah

Sarah has a natural glam ability. She will aid in love and spells that need extra passion. She has a strong connection to the spirit world. 

Grab one or all to enhance your own magick and meditations. 

Each poppet is sold separately as well as in a set. Please make sure and click on the option that you are wanting.