Evil Queen Potion to repel Curses, Evil Wishes and Negativity

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An almost "Wicked" Protection Potion

  • Use to repel curses, evil wishes, and negativity. 
  • This blend was created under the most perfect moon phase and witch hour. 

Magick components include but not limited to:

  • Snow (melted) for skin as white as snow
  • Blood (not actually blood- red wine) for lips as red as blood
  • A black feather - for hair as black as ravens (original story)
  • Apple seeds and pieces
  • Dragon's Blood
  • plus a few extra secret ingredients. 

I should note that this potion was started on the super full moon in January and charged at the Poisoned Apple Full Moon (held in Salem, MA). This adds an extra charge. Each bottle includes a clear quart crystal to amplify the already powerful potion.

Please test skin with small dab before using. Never ingest or swallow.

**Please note that this listing is for one 2 dram amber bottle 

This potion is to wear and not drink. 

Please use all herbs, oils, incense, and candles responsibly. 

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