Cinderella "Manifest Your Wish" Spell Cord

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Cinderella is a tale of manifesting wishes to gain a better life. In the Grimm’s classic tale, Cinderella wishes upon her mother’s grave and hazel tree planted there for a beautiful dress to go to a ball held in honor of the Prince finding a bride. She receives the dress and places herself within viewing distance of the prince who falls instantly in love with her and will stop at nothing to make her his wife.
In this spell cord, I have taken elements from the classic tale of Cinderella, charged and prepared each one under a specific hour, planet, day of the week, and/or moon phrase. I have taken my expertise in the craft to create a cord that will aid the owner in manifesting their own wishes and desires, so that they too, may have a better life.

It is important to state “Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.” Getting it does not always come in the way that we imagine it should.

Here awaits some of the magick:

• Three cards briefly tell some of the highlights of Cinderella’s Story

• A Cinderella Poppet filled with a crystal and herb+ mixture to enhance the intention

• Three mojo bags filled with a magickal herb mixture created especially for wishes and happiness.

Herbs include:

Rose (pink rosebud and red petals)

• Shoe: we all know how a shoe helped Cinderella seal her fate but shoes in general symbolize good fortune, love, and protection. Did you know that placing your shoes on the left side of your bed in the shape of a letter T will bring will bring one’s love to them in their sleep?

• A key to unlock the magick and aid in your wish

Blue Cord was created using the energies of the planet Jupiter for the intentions of good fortune, success, expansion and influence of people in high places (Prince?)

This cord measures approximately 32” long

 What is a Witch’s Ladder or Magick Spell Cord?

A Witch’s Ladder or Magick Spell Cord is a spell that is infused into a cord by using knots, braids and charms for symbolic meaning for the intent of said spell. Materials and number of knots depend on the magick cords intention. Herbs, stones and the like, are often also used to increase the cords power and enhance the beauty. The first documented cord was found in the 1800’s in England.

This is my version of the Witch’s Ladder or what I like to call Magick Spell Cord. Each one is unique and no two are ever exactly alike. I hand craft and charge each one. They are designed to hang in your home, office or bedroom to attract or enhance the cord’s specific intention.

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