Aphrodite "Love" Spell Candle

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This candle has been specifically made to honor and aid in working with the Goddess Aphrodite for the purpose of romantic love. Simply place on your altar or safe sacred space, light and say the chant on the back. This candle has been anointed with a special love 'potion' and crushed rose petals on top with an added red wax for a dash of passion.

****Please be responsible and do not leave candle unattended.

Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love, to connect with her, light this candle upon her day of the week which is Friday.

Aphrodite is good to call upon for:

romantic or passionate love




This candle also makes a great devotion candle and would make a wonderful addition to your altar.

Jar size: 8” x 2 ¼”x 2 ¼” and will burn for approximately seven days. You do not need to burn constantly for the spell to work.

Each Candle is enhanced for the intention. Slight variations may occur (from photo)