• "I highly recommend this shop!!!❤️ the seller is amazingly friendly, helpful, and thoughtful!! She kept in contact to check on my order and I greatly appreciate her! I love my Bessie!! The quality of this doll is amazing! She has good weight to her and beautiful energy!! I’m already preparing for another one!! I’m so glad I found this shop! Thanks so much!!!"      ~Laqualia S., Michagan
  • "BEAUTIFUL Red Riding Hood poppet/doll, and it was VERY quickly shipped! I will DEFINITELY be a repeat customer:)"   ~Lori M., Vermont
  • "I asked for a custom piece and she took the time to ask questions to make what I needed. The piece turned out beautiful! The presentation was beautiful also! I’m so grateful for Alura Rose ❤️ she’s amazing!! Thank you so so much!! I am glad I had you do this amulet for me!!"  ~Jean H., NY
  • "This Evil Queen potion vibrates with power; shop here and you won’t be disappointed!!" ~Kymberleigh H., New Hampshire
  • "Truly magical and beautiful! Very fast shipping too! Thanks!"    ~Ingrid L., NJ
  • "I purchased the Snow White Transition Cord as a birthday present for my partner and was elated when I received it in the mail in a timely manner. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is beautiful and it has great energy !..Thank you for a beautiful cord and I look forward to future purchases."        ~Chad M., CT
  • "Another beautiful, yet magical piece, by PoisonedApple. The seller is extremely talented. I am super confident in her abilities and the delivery of her products. PoisonedApple hit the spot yet again with this one! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!" ~ Madeline D. MD
Paint-Me A Fairy Tale
"I love how Alura combines Witchcraft and fairy tales together into a beautiful magical experience. every candle that I have ordered from her and now this portrait have been deep and resounding and beautiful. She is very talented and wise" ~Dawn C., Massachusetts
  • "I had a very nice phone reading by Alura Rose this morning. She truly helped me with an issue that has been in my mind for quite some time. She is personable, caring and knowledgeable."            ~Jeanette S., Texas
  • "TOE READING!! So amazing. Alura Rose is right on the mark with her readings. Her energy is warm and welcoming and her information delivery is such that it leaves you with a complete understanding. If you have a chance to get a toe reading I'd highly recommend it!" ~ Tammy M., Massachusetts 
  • "May Love and light be abundant for Alura, for she taught me EVERY path walked is as individual as the one walking it. As a spiritual guide for others,you must be attuned not only to the person you read,but to the world around us. A special gift not all posses. Enlightenment can be life changing. Uncertain,& often hard to hear..perhaps even scary. A True reader will tell u not what u wish to hear,but what u need to hear to grow. She will touch parts of ur life you'd forgotten. She will find inside u lost pieces of a puzzle. She will brighten ur future with her knowledge for choices, not fairy tells. She wil envelop you in her aura,& you will feel her energy in her touch, her words, her eyes. You will KNOW you have been blessed with a gift, given freely from the wealth of knowledge she possesses. Not all who claim this power are famous. Not all are known throughout world. But that's not why they do it. They do it because they are called to do it. It's THEIR path. It's THEIR passion. And those of us fortunate enough to open to this enlightenment, will Be forever changed. You will know the first moment your eyes connect that you have found you psychic, your reader, your teacher, your witch... Because the energies between you will become charged, electrified in a way you feel to your core...and you only have to take that first step to be guided home.... Words on a page will Neva express my gratitude to Alura. You may Never be famous to the world, but the moon & stars know your name,& your energy is eternal. Thank you!!"  ~Cricket P., California
  • "I had a toe reading by Alura Rose. She explained each toe and what information that toe was telling her. I found the reading to be fascinating, very accurate and a lot of fun." ~Laurie P., ~Massachusetts 
  • "I had the good fortune of having a reading with Alura at the Psychic faire in Nashua this weekend. Having studied tarot for fifteen years myself, I was not originally going to have a reading, but I was drawn to Alura and sat down at her table. We clicked almost instantly. She not only understood what I wanted to hear from the cards, but took her time to explain how other cards influence one another. She did not sugar coat anything, and her enthusiasm for the reading and for sharing her knowledge was infectious. Thank you, Alura! I hope to come visit you again soon" ~Angela D., NH
  • "I have gotten the opportunity to have a handful of readings from Alura over the last two years or so. I have enjoyed being read by her so much that, her being at an event has actually been the deciding factor if I should go or not. Not only because she is that good, but the events she is at seem to be of more quality.She has an absolutely approachable demeanor with a warm smile to match. What honestly keeps me coming back is her ability to be so direct and honest and is then able to balance this by genuinely checking in with you. It's clear she has a passion for this work and sharing what she knows because she makes sure you are understanding everything. I never felt that a question I asked was stupid and Alura would always explain to the best of her ability. I look forward to the next time I get the opportunity to be read by her. Highly recommended, especially if you are new/unsure about the world of psychic in general." ~Lizzy W., Maine
  • "I have taken quite a few of Alura's classes and she is very informative and the class is always fun. I plan to take as many of her classes as I can!!"  ~Suzanne S., Massachusetts 
  • "I attended Alura's spell bottle workshop at a fair--we had so much fun & learned a lot!" ~Donna C., Massachusetts