Rapunzel's Tower Spell Bottle for Relief from Isolation and Solving Problems at Hand

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From the time, Rapunzel was a very young child, she was locked high in a tower where no one could reach her. Depending on which version you may have heard, she may be a princess, stolen from her family for her magickal abilities or simply a baby paying off her own family’s karma debt of theft.

Regardless of which story is your favorite, we can see both as a tale of isolation. But just as fairy tales often hold messages below the surface, Rapunzel is indeed no exception. This is a story of using available resources, even unconventional ideas to solve the problem at hand, no matter how difficult.

Rapunzel teaches us that no matter how dim things may be, no matter how stuck or trapped we may feel, that there is likely a way out. We may even feel that there is no way out because we are lacking tools, money, ideas but Rapunzel assures us that if we get out of our head and quiet the mindless chatter, we can use our insight, intuition and experiences to come up with something outside of the box, that will set us free.

This spell bottle is to aid the owner with all of this. 

Rapunzel Tower Spell Bottle is for relief of isolation and solving problems at hand that may seem hopeless or no way out. This will aid in situations that seem lost. 

This is a perfect bottle for someone feeling isolated and alone. It will help the owner to break free and gain relief. 

This bottle was hand created and charged under the most appropriate day(s) and moon cycle. Rapunzel is sculpted and this bottle is one of a kind. 

This bottle measures 14.5" tall by 2.75" wide.

Pictures do not do this bottle justice. It is one of my personal favorites. 


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