"Mermaid Kisses" Spell Bottle for Love

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This mermaid spell bottle is extra special. The bottle contains the following ingredients and so much more.

  • Sea Shells (sea shells are known to bring love)
  • Black Salt (to repel outside forces)
  • Sea Salt (for protection of spell)
  • Rose Quartz (multiple pieces; this is the love stone)
  • Rose petals, red and pink (red for passion, pink for romance. These petals are extra special as they are from roses that Laurie Cabot received)
  • Purple Sand from Plum Island, MA (mystical island with much history)
  • Sand from early days Templefest (Temple of Witchcraft; this event has much love and support)
  • Clear Quartz (added for extra ump)
  • Laurie Cabot's Mermaid Oil (this has been discontinued to purchase alone)

Charged with the Full Moon Energies and lots and lots of love!

This bottle is approximately 7 3/4 inches tall. 

This item is hand charged and created. No two will ever be exactly the same

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