Cinderella's Pumpkin "Manifest a Wish" Spell Bottle

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A spell bottle is a bottle into which a magickal spell has been cast in the form of physical items used to ensure that the spell results in the desired outcome.

This spell bottle is to "Manifest a Wish" to the one who owns it. This bottle includes herbs, charms and more magickal ingredients to manifest a wish. It has Cinderella's shoe on the top of the bottle. Shoes are good luck and can aid in bringing love and property Every hear the phrase "penny in your shoe? People used to put pennies in their shoe for luck.

Each item has been charged and spell cast on the most appropriate day, planet hour and moon phase. Created by an experienced and practicing Priestess and Witch. (I have been teaching a spell bottle workshop available online and in shops around or in the Salem, MA area for many years.) Please message me if you are interested in taking this workshop.

Place bottle on a window sill or shelf on the north

Bottle is approx. 4 inches tall. 

As beautiful as this bottle is, please note that it is not designed for children unless placed upon a shelf out of reach.

This item is hand charged and created. No two will ever be exactly the same