Laci's Haunted Dolls

These dolls have their very own 'herstory' which comes penned with each doll. Each has its very own personality and quirks, including a few flaws. Each doll has been carefully selected and worked with. 


Each doll comes with a special wood (yes solid wood) box. If and when your doll mis-behaves, you may need to lock her back in her box. This will protect her but also you as well. Though "activity" is not guaranteed, do not be surprised if your doll ends up in a different location then you 'remember' putting her last. 

They are not evil but have gone through an experience that has left them feeling less than loved. After caring for each one carefully and intentionally, they are now ready to find their 'new' home. 

There are no refunds due to the nature of this item but we will gladly take them back if you feel you cannot care for them any longer or if they scare the crap out of you too much.