Altar Spirit Candle for Fear and Sabotage

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Self-Sabotage is so common now a days. Fear will always keep us stuck unless we find a way to push through. Self doubts and talk can keep us from completing our dreams and life work and plan. If this even remotely describes what you're feeling, then this candle is for you! 

A Physical  seven-day jar Candle will be dressed and adorned with an oil blend created for this purpose and herbs to enhance the intention.

This candle will not be mailed to you. You will not receive and actual product in the mail. Instead, it will be placed upon my working altar. It will be cared, maintained and charged daily by myself, a practicing witch. (I have been trained by Christopher Penczak and Laurie Cabot, among many others) until it burns out completely.

If you can or do not want to purchase a candle but still would like to be placed upon the altar, please message me at and I will add your name to my healing cauldron. 

Blessed be!

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