Sleeping Beauty Poppet for Insomnia and Relaxation

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  • Do you have trouble falling or staying asleep?
  • Is it hard for you to shut that brain off to relax or meditate?

This poppet has been created to aid its owner with falling and staying asleep. In over all general, it will be calming and help one to relax. Lepidolite can be found within the head of this poppet, while an herbal blend of skullcap, lavender,, black and sea salts and more enhance the magick. 

This poppet has been created by hand and there may be slight variants from the one pictured. 

As adorable as this poppet is, it is not intended for children unless safely out of reach.

Each poppet has been charged under the most appropriate day and moon phase to strengthen its intention. 

Lepidolite, also known as the stone of transition or The Peace Stone, brings in balance and harmony, the important requirements of restful sleep. One of the best crystals used for sleep problems, Lepidolite is made up of lithium, which is good to treat mood swings and depression. Lepidolite crystal is helpful if you are anxious, angry, or fearful, and this is affecting your night's sleep or find it difficult to fall asleep. The crystal calms down your mind and is soothing as well as relaxing, and thus makes it a great choice for restoring good sleep patterns. During the evening, you can hold Lepidolite crystal in your hands for some time to relieve your stress and relax your muscles. The crystal balances your mind and body so that you feel at ease while you are trying to sleep. You will awaken feeling optimistic and happy if you sleep with the crystal under your pillow.

This poppet measures 6 3/4 inches long, perfect size for a pillow case, purse or backpack. 

Materials: felt, thread, herbs, crystals