Evil Queen Poppet for Patience and Aid with Anger

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 The Evil Queen was a mean one, but perhaps also misunderstood. She knew her place and she knew the plight of survival. She has learned her lessons and has come back in poppet form to aid the owner of this poppet with Patience and to help with Anger (controlling it, managing it, everything to process it). She is also good for healing emotional pain especially when something has been unfairly done to you. 

A Rhodonite crystal is in the head promoting an emotional balancer that nurtures humanity. It grounds energy and aids in achieving one's highest potential. A stone of strong forgiveness. Heals betrayal and abandonment, clearing away emotional pain and wounds, heals emotional shock and panic, supporting the soul during the process. Rhondonite turns back insults and prevents retaliation. It recognizes that revenge is self-destructive and assists in remaining calm in dangerous or upsetting situations. 

This poppet measures just under 7" 

This poppet has been created and charged under the proper day and moon phase for its intention. 

These poppets are adorable, it is true but not designed for children unless tucked safely out of reach. 

Each poppet is hand created so slight variants may occur. No two poppets will ever be exactly alike. 

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